The Week in Review


I just want to take a moment to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! I hope you have a lovely week celebrating the birth of Jesus with family and friends. I’ll be taking a break from blogging until January, so Happy New Year as well.

Enjoy your holidays!


This Week on TGFL

The Grace-Filled Life Ultimate Reading List Round-Up

It’s the ULTIMATE book list round-up! All of the Grace-Filled Life’s reading lists have been compiled into one blog post for easy access You’re going to want to bookmark this one!

This Week in Books


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Between the five of us, here’s what we’ve been reading (click on the titles for purchasing information):

Picture Books and Readers

We’re still unwrapping our Advent books for Morning Time.

These books can also be found on our list of 100+ Winter and Holiday Themed Storybooks to Read to Your Child.

Chapter Books

Homeschool Highlights


We’re wrapping up our unit on the Victorian Era and I can’t even tell you how much we’ve enjoyed this study.

  • We read Dickens’ A Christmas Carol this week
  • We took a trip to Dundurn Castle to see it decorated for Christmas.
  • I pulled out a few of our own antiques from that era so the girls could see them up close. They loved taking tea towels and pretending to wash them on the washboard. And they were completely fascinated by the sad iron.
  • We read Tennyson’s dedication to Queen Victoria in our 1869 edition of his works, and we read a little more of our biography of Queen Victoria.
  • We made Victorian calling cards using these templates from Gilded Days.


On Thursday, instead of oral narration, I gave each child a large piece of newsprint and asked them to draw some things that stood out to them from this history unit.

Our French and science co-ops have wrapped up for the term, and I decided on Wednesday that we were going to have a fun, light load for the rest of the week. The girls have worked quite diligently this month and I think we’re all ready for a break.

Snippets from Around the Web

If you’re looking for some articles to read over the holidays, I recommend the following:

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