The Week in Review

I gently lay a cloth over the table and set out the tea things. On the wall, our back-to-school banner hangs above the plate rack. The sideboard proudly sports a display of Eastern European-flavoured objects: matryoshka dolls, an accordian, brightly embroidered clothing, little felt and cardboard figurines that I picked up on a trip out … Continue reading The Week in Review


The Week in Review

It's our last weekend of Christmas break! Have you enjoyed your holidays? We sure have! It has been a lovely few weeks of relaxation that has left all of us feeling so refreshed. I love Christmas break. I also love the fresh, unspoiled canvas of a new year. Do you have any exciting plans as … Continue reading The Week in Review

History Adventures: A Victorian Christmas

The decorations are down and Christmas is over, but I wanted to take some time to share a little bit about our Victorian Christmas. When I planned out our modern history studies for the year, I was excited to see that our unit on the Victorian era fell near Christmastime. Many of our modern-day Christmas … Continue reading History Adventures: A Victorian Christmas

Preschool Corner: 10 Budget-Friendly Light Table Ideas (and one Really Budget-Friendly Light Table Substitute)

  For a long time, I've dreamed of having a light table. I probably wanted it more for me than the kids, to be honest. Pinterest is full of bright photos of beautiful light table fun. It looks like such a fun way to teach ... well, anything. But then I looked into the cost. … Continue reading Preschool Corner: 10 Budget-Friendly Light Table Ideas (and one Really Budget-Friendly Light Table Substitute)

Florida Swamp Unit Study Resources

Every winter, my parents leave Canada and drive south to Florida, towing their large fifth wheel behind them. They travel around for a few months—hiking, biking and soaking in the warmth and sunshine. They see incredible wildlife and always share the most gorgeous wildlife photos. Inspired by their travels, I’ve wanted to do a unit […]

Product Review: Daily Geography Practice

When I first started teaching geography, it was through country studies. We read beautiful, living books. We invited people into our home to teach us about places they lived or ministered in. We sampled food from around the world, coloured flags, dressed up and did some pretty cool crafts and activities. But my children needed … Continue reading Product Review: Daily Geography Practice