Book Review: A Standard of Grace (Guided Journal)

SUMMARY A Standard of Grace, by Emily Ley, is a guided journal designed to help busy moms slow down, dream a little and prioritize the things that matter most. With two writing prompts per week and plenty of space to jot down thoughts, this hardcover book also contains a weekly Bible verse and inspirational reading, … Continue reading Book Review: A Standard of Grace (Guided Journal)


Book Review: Memory Making Mom

Despite the early hour, the latest pop music blares through the coffee shop speaker system. My seven-year old sits across from me, happily eating a chocolate-banana muffin and spooning whipped cream off her maple hot chocolate. She's going to be wired later. I'm not sure if it's the muffin or the prospect of hanging out … Continue reading Book Review: Memory Making Mom

Book Review: Vertical Marriage by Dave and Ann Wilson

Summary What do you do when you've lost your feelings for your spouse? When you fight constantly over everything? When you feel like you'd rather be dead than married to your spouse? Or when you're just doing the normal, everyday work that comes with a relationship so intimate? Dave and Ann Wilson have experienced it … Continue reading Book Review: Vertical Marriage by Dave and Ann Wilson