My Beautiful Mess

There are fingerprints on the television. And on the walls. And on the windows. Tiny little fingerprints made by tiny little hands. And there are crayons buried in the couch and storybooks tucked behind the cushions. I’m going to miss this someday—the messes, the spills, the child-marks left everywhere. Yesterday, I held the littlest one … Continue reading My Beautiful Mess


The Promise of Life

The sun is just starting to push its way above the horizon, and last year’s fallen leaves are etched in frost. The woods quiver with birdsong, a crescendo that rises as the light becomes more brilliant. We wander slowly down the dirt trail, my friend, my daughter and I. Listening. Absorbing. We met at a … Continue reading The Promise of Life

When the Best Laid Plans Go Awry

The air was filled with sunshine and gunshots. A white pick-up pulled up beside us and a ranger rolled down the window. “The park is closed for the annual deer hunt,” he informed us. “You can drive up Decew Road and hike over on the left-hand side, but this whole side of the park is closed.” I was disappointed. … Continue reading When the Best Laid Plans Go Awry