Resources for Rich and Beautiful Morning Times

The daily gathering. It's the part of a new homeschool year that we're looking forward to the most. I wrote all about it here in my article, "The Quiet Art of Morning Time." I wrote about how we gather around a table laden with food. We read scripture and pray. We get lost in stories and … Continue reading Resources for Rich and Beautiful Morning Times


Easy Homeschool Planning

  School will be underway in just a few weeks, which means this is the time to start all the heavy-duty planning. There are SO many ways to schedule a homeschool day. Scheduling methods are extremely personal and vary based on preferred homeschool philosophy, teaching style, personality, curriculum, etc. I've met people who create complicated, colour-coded … Continue reading Easy Homeschool Planning

7 Early Reader Sets to Build Confidence in Your Child

Do you have a struggling reader? Do you ever wonder why different children reach milestones at such different times? Every child is uniquely created with different strengths, and that's an absolutely beautiful thing. As parents and educators, we have the unique privilege of allowing our children the freedom to learn at their own pace. They … Continue reading 7 Early Reader Sets to Build Confidence in Your Child

Product Review: Nature Friend Magazine

My girls love getting mail. And they love magazines. Even the ones who are not yet reading fluently love to look at glossy magazine photographs. They also love nature. So when I stumbled across Nature Friend last year, I was ecstatic. All the things they love bunched into one monthly subscription? Sign me up! Nature Friend … Continue reading Product Review: Nature Friend Magazine