Geography Adventures: Letters From Afar

They love checking the mailbox, those girls of mine. They have three magazine subscriptions: one free, one gifted, and one from us. They receive birthday cards and postcards from summer camp. And they have Letters From Afar. Out of all the mail they get, the little brown envelopes from Letters From Afar elicit the most … Continue reading Geography Adventures: Letters From Afar


What is Eclectic Homeschooling?

Charlotte Mason, classical, unschooling, school-at-home, Montessori, Waldorf, Thomas Jefferson education—if you are new to home education, it won't take you long to discover that there are a myriad of homeschooling philosophies. There are tests to determine where you fit and there are workshops, curriculum and conferences to cater to each method. But what if you don't … Continue reading What is Eclectic Homeschooling?

The Quiet Art of Morning Time

They gather around the table, these three girls of mine. It's the thing that pulls us together in the morning—a spread of mismatched china plates, usually bearing artfully arranged finger foods. There is always some sort of fruit, and often there are cucumber slices and carrots, crackers and cheese, kielbasa and treats. Sometimes I gently … Continue reading The Quiet Art of Morning Time

How to Incorporate Nature Study into your Homeschool Day

We wandered down the gravel road, past the fields that were so familiar to my dirt-stained hands. Past the first irrigation pond, then more crops, then a small forest. At the back pond, we stopped and watched the tadpoles resting quietly beneath the surface of the water. This—all of it—was why we had come to … Continue reading How to Incorporate Nature Study into your Homeschool Day

Nature Study: What’s the Big Deal?

Midnight had come and gone. We stumbled through the darkness, our flashlights barely illuminating the trail through the woods. The cold seeped through my winter coat and into my bones. Ahead of us, a long net stretched down the path and into the blackness. “We got one!” someone cried. Carefully, he untangled the little bird … Continue reading Nature Study: What’s the Big Deal?

Dear homeschool mom who is just starting out…

To the mom who is just starting out… And to myself. You’re excited about homeschooling. And completely terrified. Breathe. God has entrusted your children to you. Not to anyone else. To you. He knew they needed you. You need them too. You are uniquely equipped to be their mom—to love them, to walk alongside them, … Continue reading Dear homeschool mom who is just starting out…