She doesn't want to do her creative writing assignment. "It's too hard!" she says. "I don't want to go for a walk and write down what I see and hear and feel." "Come walking with me?" I offer. "We can do it together." We find ourselves crunching along a trail on a sunny Thursday morning. … Continue reading Words



One of my favourite places to go birdwatching is a park nestled among steel mills and scrapyards. Nearby, the highway roars past, often carrying bumper-to-bumper traffic. This is the grittiest part of the city, with air that hangs heavy with the stench of pollution. In previous years, the creek running through this park made the … Continue reading Sanctuary

Slowing Down

Perhaps it's strange to sit on my bedroom balcony listening to the sounds of the city at night. My husband likes to avoid the noise. I, on the other hand, find it oddly soothing. Someone, somewhere, is having a party, and the sound of laughter intermingles with traffic and the occasional siren. There are fireworks … Continue reading Slowing Down

When Your Child Wrestles with Big Questions

"Why doesn't God ever answer my prayers?" Her anguish rolls down her cheeks in large, salty droplets. I gather her shaking body into my arms and hold her close. It was a little thing that set off the flood of tears, but I know the question stems from something much bigger. Why, Lord? I've asked … Continue reading When Your Child Wrestles with Big Questions

Confessions of a Former Helicopter Mom: How Letting Go Has Changed Our Lives

  As I spotted the sweater on the other side of the clothing rack, I knew. She was going to choose that one. It was blue camo. Old-school style fleece and massively oversized. It was everything I didn't like and everything she loves, and I'm trying to let her be herself. So when she picked … Continue reading Confessions of a Former Helicopter Mom: How Letting Go Has Changed Our Lives