Three Things to Remember When Homeschooling is Hard

Week three. I've already threatened to send the kids to school. More than once. September is a hard month. It's not just September. Homeschooling is a hard gig. It is by far the hardest thing I've ever done and will probably be the hardest thing I'll ever do. It's messy. Keeping up with the general tidying, let … Continue reading Three Things to Remember When Homeschooling is Hard


Find Me Faithful

The world is golden-washed in early evening sunlight. A gull wheels low, brown and speckled—a juvenile. We make our way down a paved path that winds its way through a profusion of flowers along the Lake Ontario shoreline. Five, huge turkey vultures swoop almost close enough to touch. We spot them later, feasting on fish … Continue reading Find Me Faithful

This Week in the Woods: Late Summer Wanderings and Back-to-School Ponderings

Our feet are noiseless on a trail of packed dust that winds along a tree-covered ridge. We are in Niagara wine country, and the chatter of our three little girls is punctuated by the sounds of bird bangers in the valley below—propane-fired cannons used to ward off hungry avians. Overhead, the constant whirr of sight-seeing … Continue reading This Week in the Woods: Late Summer Wanderings and Back-to-School Ponderings

Product Review: Daily Geography Practice

When I first started teaching geography, it was through country studies. We read beautiful, living books. We invited people into our home to teach us about places they lived or ministered in. We sampled food from around the world, coloured flags, dressed up and did some pretty cool crafts and activities. But my children needed … Continue reading Product Review: Daily Geography Practice

Easy Homeschool Planning

  School will be underway in just a few weeks, which means this is the time to start all the heavy-duty planning. There are SO many ways to schedule a homeschool day. Scheduling methods are extremely personal and vary based on preferred homeschool philosophy, teaching style, personality, curriculum, etc. I've met people who create complicated, colour-coded … Continue reading Easy Homeschool Planning