Parents, You Need More Than a Dream


Don’t you just love to dream? Over the weekend, my pastor talked about how children don’t put limitations on the dreams they have for their lives and neither should we. He’s right. But what really struck deep was my five-year old’s reaction.

“Mommy!” she leaned over and whispered earnestly. “It’s like how, when you were little, you wanted to be a teacher. And now you are!”

Although I’m not a school teacher (dreams change), in a sense, she’s correct. I do homeschool my children.

Her comment brought me back to a conversation we had about half a year ago. We were snuggled on the couch, talking about childhood dreams.

“When I was little, I wanted to be a writer and a teacher,” I told her.

“But now you can’t do those things,” she replied. “You have kids.”

“Being a mommy doesn’t mean that I can’t do those things.” I told her. “Right now, I’m doing those things. All of them. I write every day. I teach you girls. But being a mommy is my favourite thing of all.”

It hit me then and again this weekend. It’s important for our kids to see us dream. But it’s equally important for them to see us fulfill dreams. Telling our children that God has a plan for their lives rings hollow if we are not stepping out into the plan that He has for our own.

That doesn’t mean that everything we dream will come to pass. I knew a three-year old who dreamed of becoming a flying pig. It was hilariously sweet. Even as adults, there are some dreams that might be a little left field.

But God dreams? That’s a whole different story. When God gives us dreams, there are no limitations. There are no impossibilities.

Teaching was a God-dream. It didn’t unfold the way I thought it would when I was a child, but better. I love homeschooling my children, even if it is temporary. I love watching as new concepts click. I love their eagerness to learn about the world around them. I love finding teaching methods that complement their learning styles and unique personalities.

Writing was a God-dream. There are few things more satisfying than watching thoughts unfold on a page. As I’ve watched this little blog grow over the last few years, I’ve been humbled. I write because I need to but also because it’s my expression of worship. Some use their voices to glorify God. Some use instruments. I use my words.

I have other dreams, ones still unfulfilled. I dream of short-term mission trips. I dream of Africa—Kenya, Uganda and South Africa. I dream of seeing my children fulfill their God-dreams.

As they watch me fulfill mine.

I asked my 20-month old the other day, “Who has big plans for your life?”

“GOD!” she replied emphatically.

I need her to understand this. God has big plans for her. But even as I tell her that, I’m conscious that there are three little pairs of eyes watching to see if I really believe it’s true.

So, you see, what I do with my dreams is of the utmost importance. By walking into my destiny, I encourage my children to walk into theirs.


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