Each Day Special: Finding the Sacred in the Common

The mid-summer heat is almost unbearable, yet I hesitate to turn on the air conditioning. Fans hum in unison with cicada songs drifting through open windows. I've just come in from inspecting the gardens, which are in a sad state. Despite my best efforts, most of the vegetables have been dug up by a marauding … Continue reading Each Day Special: Finding the Sacred in the Common


Why Write?

I came across a podcast by John Piper today that turned my world upside-down. It’s entitled, “Has God Called Me to Write?” I’ve wrestled long and hard with figuring out God’s calling on my life. Although writing gives me joy, I’ve always thought that "real writing" (whatever that means) was an extension of a higher calling—or … Continue reading Why Write?

The Gem

Isn't this diamond gorgeous? If you could pluck it out of the photo, hold it in your hand, and turn it all around so you could see it from every angle, the diamond would still be dazzling. Every facet of this gem shines and sparkles. Now I want to show you another diamond. This one … Continue reading The Gem