For My Mom

Mother’s Day. What a special day! I never knew how much my mother sacrificed on a day-to-day basis until I had my own kids. Night-time feedings when she desperately needed to sleep. Countless dirty diapers to change. Endless cleaning to do. Meals to cook. Shoelaces to tie. Boo-boos to kiss. Tears to wipe. Little voices that chatter non-stop and need a listening ear.

There were so many times that my mom was going through a crisis of her own – a rebellious teenager, a death in the family, a health issue – and yet she would push aside her pain and grief in order to help us deal with ours. Our little mountains were nothing compared to what she was facing, and yet she would patiently listen to us and comfort us.

Even as adults, my sisters and I call her on a daily basis. “One of the girls has a rash.” “The baby is crying.” “I’m about ready to sell my kids on Kijiji. Is that legal?” And, somehow, she always knows exactly what to say and how to say it.

Most importantly, my mom always covers us in prayer. What a blessing to know that, no matter what, there is someone who is constantly lifting us up before the Father!

So Mom, thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Thanks for all you’ve done and for all you continue to do. The more I learn about what it takes to be a good mom to my own kids, the more I love and appreciate you. You made it look so easy, but I now know it’s not. And yet, day in and day out, you raised us with grace and with wisdom.

Happy Mother’s Day. I love you.


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