Looking to the Future

I stayed up late writing a blog post for today. It was pretty funny, if I do say so myself. But this morning, as I was reading my Bible, God spoke something entirely different to me. So …. change of plans.

I want you to picture Abraham. His hair is grey – perhaps he’s slightly balding. But even if his hair is a bit sparse on top, his beard more than makes up for it. It is long and curly and also grey. (Oooooh, writing that sentence gives me the shivers. I have a phobia of long beards.)

Abraham’s skin is wrinkled. His shoulders are stooped. He’s really not much to look at. Just an old man. Nothing more, nothing less.

And yet, God gave him a promise (despite his beard). Not a promise for himself. Nope. God gave him a promise that not even his children’s children would live to see fulfilled.

God promised an inheritance, a destiny.

God then gave Abraham children. And He gave Abraham’s children children. And He gave Abraham’s children’s children even more children.

In each generation, God raised up leaders. He deposited within them the gifts they would need in order to accomplish His will and lead the people towards their destiny. To Joseph, He gave “unusual wisdom” (Acts 7:10). Moses was “a beautiful child” (vs 20) who was “powerful in both speech and action” (vs 22). To Joshua, He gave leadership abilities (vs 45). David had special favour and the courage to pray boldly for what he wanted (vs 46).

The Bible is full of example upon example.

God has a destiny and an inheritance for our children too. And the Holy Spirit has deposited within our kids the gifts they need in order to accomplish His will and take hold of this destiny. He has given them unique personalities. A divine anointing. The skills and abilities needed to “get the job done”.

My pastor’s wife once said, “Without a vision, you parent carelessly.” God has placed a calling on our children. We need to always, always, always keep this in mind. (Especially during tantrums. Ack!) We need to parent with purpose.

Lately, over and over, the Holy Spirit has been challenging me with the following questions (and, as always, I’ll throw them out there for you too):

  1. What promises have I given you for your children?
  2. What gifts and abilities have I deposited within your kids?
  3. How are you going to encourage them to use that deposit in order to see those promises fulfilled?

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