The Wooden Chest

There’s a chest in the living room. It’s fairly small and a bit scratched and dented. On its top sits a beige table lamp and, sometimes, some coasters. Most visitors probably don't even notice it. But it has a special story. Years ago, in the early part of my mid-twenties, I became friends with a young man at … Continue reading The Wooden Chest


The time I almost messed it all up…

I got a lot of feedback from my last post. Many people live in the hard stage of waiting. I’ve been there, believe me. So today, I want to share how I almost messed it all up. No one likes to be vulnerable about their mess-ups. Sometimes, however, I think that people need to hear. … Continue reading The time I almost messed it all up…

Praying for Mr. Right

I've been thinking about the singles lately. Maybe it’s because there have been several engagements and weddings in the church. Or maybe it’s because we prayed for all the single people during a Saturday night service a few weeks ago. About that… The pastor who was preaching that night said something along the lines of, “We need to pray that … Continue reading Praying for Mr. Right