My Home, My Haven


“All the paths of the Lord are steadfast love and faithfulness…” (Psalm 25:10).

Morning calm. The girls are sleeping in and I am taking advantage of a few extra minutes of quiet before the daily chaos begins. I’ve been working on making home a haven, despite the fact that the walls need to be painted and the floors are never clean enough. Yesterday, I invited my husband’s parents over for dinner. And for probably the first time that we’ve had company, rather than spending the evening embarrassed by my domestic shortcomings, it was pure joy to gather people around the table, to share our home and our lives.

There have been so many heart changes this year. Sometimes I’m surprised by how freedom seeps down undetected, and then bursts wildly out of small, seemingly insignificant areas.

The clock ticks loudly in the quiet, counting down the seconds until my three little whirlwinds sweep down the stairs, looking for sweet snuggles and breakfast. But for now, as candlelight flickers, there is only quiet gratitude for this home we’ve been blessed with.

There is only a heart at rest in steadfast love.


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