The Week in Review

I gently lay a cloth over the table and set out the tea things. On the wall, our back-to-school banner hangs above the plate rack. The sideboard proudly sports a display of Eastern European-flavoured objects: matryoshka dolls, an accordian, brightly embroidered clothing, little felt and cardboard figurines that I picked up on a trip out … Continue reading The Week in Review

Tea with Jael: Just an Ordinary Girl

I've spent a few days studying Judges 4 and 5. It's the story of Deborah, the only female among the twelve judges listed in the book. It's the story of Barak, the Israelite man who was too afraid to go to war against the king of Canaan's army unless Deborah came with him. And it's … Continue reading Tea with Jael: Just an Ordinary Girl