Rest for the Overwhelmed Mom

  In the noise and in the hustle, there’s a voice that whispers, “Come, My child, and rest.” In the twirling, whirling chaos of life, there’s a place of quiet that beckons. Peace, Even in the midst of it all. “Come away with Me.” Words so sweet, so full of promise. Words so soft, they … Continue reading Rest for the Overwhelmed Mom

Two reasons to homeschool.

Why Did We Choose Home Education?

It's messy. Even on the best days, homeschooling is messy. I'm not just talking about the books strewn across the table, the toys strewn across the living room and the dirt, grass, leaves and shoes strewn across the front entryway. It's the conflict that can arise when four people are together—all day, every day. Yes, … Continue reading Why Did We Choose Home Education?

10 Essentials for a Gezellig Autumn

The leaves are starting to turn. I've been waiting for this moment for a while now. Autumn is by far my favourite time of year. It swirls rustic colours and cinnamon spice. In autumn, life is more gezellig. Ge...what? Gezellig. You're probably wondering what on the earth that means. Gezellig is an untranslatable Dutch word that … Continue reading 10 Essentials for a Gezellig Autumn