Springtime Motivation: Five Things to Do When it’s too Nice Outside to Homeschool

I creak my eyes open slowly. The profusion of chirping outside my window is as loud as it is beautiful. Early morning sunlight streams through a crack in the curtains. It is mid-May, but our year-end field trip has already come and gone, and it feels like summer. I don't want to go to school … Continue reading Springtime Motivation: Five Things to Do When it’s too Nice Outside to Homeschool


Our 2018-2019 Homeschool Picks: Pre-K

  I actually wrote this post back in February. I get antsy in February. Perhaps it's the weather or perhaps it's just a desperate need for a change in routine. Whatever the case, February is the month where magic happens. It's the month where I start thinking about next year. Planning. Ordering. Opening those amazing, … Continue reading Our 2018-2019 Homeschool Picks: Pre-K

Geography Adventures: Letters From Afar

They love checking the mailbox, those girls of mine. They have three magazine subscriptions: one free, one gifted, and one from us. They receive birthday cards and postcards from summer camp. And they have Letters From Afar. Out of all the mail they get, the little brown envelopes from Letters From Afar elicit the most … Continue reading Geography Adventures: Letters From Afar

The Quiet Art of Morning Time

They gather around the table, these three girls of mine. It's the thing that pulls us together in the morning—a spread of mismatched china plates, usually bearing artfully arranged finger foods. There is always some sort of fruit, and often there are cucumber slices and carrots, crackers and cheese, kielbasa and treats. Sometimes I gently … Continue reading The Quiet Art of Morning Time