The Week in Review

It's crazy to think that there are less than three weeks until Christmas. We've been having a lovely time going on brisk walks and cozying up indoors with hot chocolate and stories. I hope you've been enjoying these weeks leading up to Christmas as well! Below, you'll find out what's been happening on The Grace-Filled Life … Continue reading The Week in Review


To the Mom Who Feels Forgotten…

To the mom who feels forgotten, You go on social media, longing for connection. And you see pictures. Pictures that were you once upon a time. Sometimes, you miss it. It was a lifetime ago that you had it. The camaraderie of coworkers. The dinners and events. Phone calls and meetings and the whirlwind of … Continue reading To the Mom Who Feels Forgotten…

Goldenrod Days: New Seasons and Letting Go

The first day of autumn. The milkweed is beginning to puff with seeds. It won’t be long now before they brazenly burst, and the breeze will carry wisps of white bearing kernels of life. Everywhere, the asters are blooming boldly—purple New England and white heath. There’s chicory, too, first brought by the early settlers as … Continue reading Goldenrod Days: New Seasons and Letting Go