Geography Adventures: East Africa

Confession: We're only half focusing on school this week. I'd really like to give it my all. Honestly, I would. But the great outdoors has been beckoning... I've been itching for months to get out. Not in the snow. Not in the ice. Not in subarctic temperatures.  I've been itching for spring. And it's finally … Continue reading Geography Adventures: East Africa


Geography Adventures: India

Originally, I hadn't actually planned on studying India this year. We've done a lot of really great country studies and I thought that it was nearing time to move on to some different kinds of thematic units. But then my daughter drew this picture for one of our pastors: My heart melted. She knows nothing … Continue reading Geography Adventures: India

Very Last First Time (Literature Study and Activities)

Very Last First Time by Jan Andrews and Ian Wallace is a beautifully told story of a little Inuit girl who collects mussels on the seabed floor by herself for the first time. The illustrations (which incorporate the pointillist style) are not only pretty, but also quite fun (look for the hidden pictures on some of … Continue reading Very Last First Time (Literature Study and Activities)