Cultivating Curiosity: How to Encourage Delight-Directed Learning

"Mom, look what I found!" My daughter holds up a roundish, light-coloured nut. "What is it?" "Hmmm." I take the nut from her and peer closely at it. It's smoothness feels cool against the palm of my hand. "It looks like a hickory nut. We'll look it up when we get home, just to be … Continue reading Cultivating Curiosity: How to Encourage Delight-Directed Learning

Geography Adventures: Egypt

From the fertile Nile valley to the shifting desert sands, Egypt is a land rich with history. This week, my girls and I took a trip to this northern part of Africa - right in our own living room. We read stories, did crafts, studied photos and learned all about ancient Egyptian culture and modern Egyptian … Continue reading Geography Adventures: Egypt

Geography Adventures: Toronto’s Chinatown

I always tell my children that one of the best things about homeschooling is the number of field trips we are able to take. It is so wonderful to have the freedom to do some experiential exploration of the things we're learning about! This week, we're going to be studying The Story About Ping to coincide with Chinese New … Continue reading Geography Adventures: Toronto’s Chinatown