A Homeschooling Update

We found our rhythm after Christmas break. Finally. Our few months of relaxed homeschooling was needed and restful, but in January, we were ready to dive into the deep end again. The thing I love most about homeschooling is that it's flexible enough that we can shape it to fit our needs. And sometimes, needs … Continue reading A Homeschooling Update


An (Almost) Unschooling Update

Anyone who says that homeschoolers aren't socialized has not met my children. Or most of the homeschooled children that I know. Even during a pandemic when gathering sizes are limited and social distancing rules are in place, there are plenty of opportunities to interact (safely) with others. Last week: music lessons, hikes with friends, outdoor … Continue reading An (Almost) Unschooling Update

Knotty Wood, Ukulele Lessons and Hopefulness

A friend suggested that I keep a record of our year of relaxed homeschooling, either online or on paper. I've chosen to do both. Let me begin by saying that we started school today with a discussion on hopefulness, the character trait of the week in A Year in the Hundred Acre Wood. Hopefulness. It's … Continue reading Knotty Wood, Ukulele Lessons and Hopefulness

Ancient World History: Living Books and Resources

From wrapping each other up in toilet paper when learning about mummies to building the Great Wall of China out of blocks, we've always had so much fun studying ancient times. I've mentioned in previous posts that we do a four-year history rotation (ancient, medieval, renaissance and modern). We've done two cycles of ancient history … Continue reading Ancient World History: Living Books and Resources