Imperfect but Called: When Jesus Invites You to Follow Him

Gulls swoop and wheel in the air, screeching loudly. Two men grunt as they pull in a large net from the water. Slimy fish flop frantically inside the mesh, sides heaving and scales glinting. One of the men looks up for a moment to watch the gulls. He sucks in a deep breath of the tangy sea air before saying, “Good catch today.”


The Gem

Isn't this diamond gorgeous? If you could pluck it out of the photo, hold it in your hand, and turn it all around so you could see it from every angle, the diamond would still be dazzling. Every facet of this gem shines and sparkles. Now I want to show you another diamond. This one … Continue reading The Gem

You Matter!

My husband works as a cleaner at a local hospital. It's not a glamorous job. But it's an important job. And he gives it his all. Many of the other hospital staff have told my husband that he is one of the hardest workers that they have seen. As I'm sure you can probably tell … Continue reading You Matter!

The Cleaning Lady

The auditorium was filled with clusters of balloons—cheerfully bobbing bursts of colour. A band was playing, and people clapped and swayed to the toe-tapping beat. Some were dancing. The atmosphere was one of celebration. This was no ordinary party, however. This was a funeral. Yes, you read that correctly. A funeral. Before her death, the … Continue reading The Cleaning Lady

Goldfish Cracker Crumbs – They’re All I Have to Give

Thousands of people have gathered on a grassy hillside. The sun is beating down, and if it wasn’t for the breeze off the lake, the heat would be completely unbearable. Off to the side, a group of children play. Many have come a long way, wearily plodding for miles through town after town, down dusty … Continue reading Goldfish Cracker Crumbs – They’re All I Have to Give