The Letting Go

"My blanket's not dirty!" she sobs. Her in-between intakes of breath are sharp. I try to give her another little pink blanket. It looks almost like the love-worn one from Grandma, but she will have none of it. "I want my blanket!" It's her security, her comfort. And it's gone. It's in the laundry and … Continue reading The Letting Go


Rosalina’s Shoes

I open my e-mail and click on the attachment. A photo of a little baby and her daddy fills the screen. They have smiles on their faces. Big happy smiles that blur and then disappear as tears fill my eyes. The little girl's name is Rosalina. Rosalina's family wanted her to be baptized. And Rosalina's … Continue reading Rosalina’s Shoes

The Gem

Isn't this diamond gorgeous? If you could pluck it out of the photo, hold it in your hand, and turn it all around so you could see it from every angle, the diamond would still be dazzling. Every facet of this gem shines and sparkles. Now I want to show you another diamond. This one … Continue reading The Gem