Imperfect but Called: When Jesus Invites You to Follow Him

Gulls swoop and wheel in the air, screeching loudly. Two men grunt as they pull in a large net from the water. Slimy fish flop frantically inside the mesh, sides heaving and scales glinting. One of the men looks up for a moment to watch the gulls. He sucks in a deep breath of the tangy sea air before saying, “Good catch today.”

Starting Small

She sits on the floor, carefully placing socks, toothbrushes and snacks into bags. Her eyes shine with excitement as she creates little care packages. My eyes shine with unshed tears. She humbles me, this little one who is growing up too fast. She humbles me and convicts me and reminds me that we can do … Continue reading Starting Small

Revising the American Dream: What Homeschooling (and my Dad) has Taught Me about Life

It was cool in the gazebo. Flowers bloomed boldly all around, cicadas buzzed in the treetops, and a little nuthatch tap-tap-tapped on the roof, looking for seeds he had hidden away between the gritty shingles. Despite the beauty of the day, I was a little out of sorts. My dream house was for sale—and totally out … Continue reading Revising the American Dream: What Homeschooling (and my Dad) has Taught Me about Life

Parents, You Need More Than a Dream

Don’t you just love to dream? Over the weekend, my pastor talked about how children don't put limitations on the dreams they have for their lives and neither should we. He's right. But what really struck deep was my five-year old’s reaction. "Mommy!” she leaned over and whispered earnestly. “It's like how, when you were little, … Continue reading Parents, You Need More Than a Dream

Make It Count

I sat in the waiting room at the doctor's office, holding my newborn daughter close, her skin soft against my cheek. We’d been discharged from the hospital just the day before. So new, this little one, and so precious. The door to the street creaked open and I watched idly as an old woman shuffled … Continue reading Make It Count