50 Amazing Nature Study Resources

I often get asked how we do nature study. In my previous post, I shared three simple steps to incorporate nature study into your homeschool day. Because there will always be gaps in a child's education, teaching them how to learn is so much more important than what they learn. Research skills are vital for success, and … Continue reading 50 Amazing Nature Study Resources


How to Incorporate Nature Study into your Homeschool Day

We wandered down the gravel road, past the fields that were so familiar to my dirt-stained hands. Past the first irrigation pond, then more crops, then a small forest. At the back pond, we stopped and watched the tadpoles resting quietly beneath the surface of the water. This—all of it—was why we had come to … Continue reading How to Incorporate Nature Study into your Homeschool Day

Nature Study: What’s the Big Deal?

Midnight had come and gone. We stumbled through the darkness, our flashlights barely illuminating the trail through the woods. The cold seeped through my winter coat and into my bones. Ahead of us, a long net stretched down the path and into the blackness. “We got one!” someone cried. Carefully, he untangled the little bird … Continue reading Nature Study: What’s the Big Deal?