The Queen of Sparkle

“Wow, Mommy! You look just like a queen in that apron!” Most queens, I bet, spend their afternoons makeupless and covered in splatters of a volcano experiment gone awry while scrubbing a sink full of dishes in an apron. And this, of course, was just a couple of hours after...

The Other End of the Candle

3:45 a.m. I had been awake for hours, too uncomfortable to sleep, the babe in my womb kicking and the thoughts in my head swirling. I came downstairs and switched on my computer, hoping to get some of my thoughts out on paper—something about how important it is to treasure every moment spent with your young children, … Continue reading The Other End of the Candle

The Oatmeal Days

It's not always the red-flag crisis days that are hardest to take. It's the "oatmeal days". The ordinary, "zero" days of little or no consequence. [...] The days that everyone deals with. We cope. We wend our way the tangle of tedious activity and sandpaper people scattered through our day and get no applause, because … Continue reading The Oatmeal Days