2021-2022 Curriculum Choices

It's hard to believe that we're heading into our seventh year of homeschooling in September. Last year, I was pretty near ready to give up, so we embraced a year of more relaxed homeschooling. As we head into summertime, I'm feeling much more refreshed and prepared to tackle homeschooling again in the fall. My oldest … Continue reading 2021-2022 Curriculum Choices

Geography Adventures: East Africa

Confession: We're only half focusing on school this week. I'd really like to give it my all. Honestly, I would. But the great outdoors has been beckoning... I've been itching for months to get out. Not in the snow. Not in the ice. Not in subarctic temperatures.  I've been itching for spring. And it's finally … Continue reading Geography Adventures: East Africa

Geography Adventures: Toronto’s Chinatown

I always tell my children that one of the best things about homeschooling is the number of field trips we are able to take. It is so wonderful to have the freedom to do some experiential exploration of the things we're learning about! This week, we're going to be studying The Story About Ping to coincide with Chinese New … Continue reading Geography Adventures: Toronto’s Chinatown