Miss Rumphius Literature Study

I say this every time we crack open a new children's book. Every single time. "This is my favourite children's book."  You see, I may or may not have a problem. The kind of problem where I prefer to read children's books more than adult books because most adult books are so. badly. written.  Miss … Continue reading Miss Rumphius Literature Study

Clown of God Literature Study

A couple of weeks ago, we read, "The Clown of God" (by Tomi dePaola). The moral of the story is fantastic and there are so many awesome extension activities that can go along with it. Gleaning inspiration from Five in a Row and around the web, here are some of the things we did: Bible We talked about … Continue reading Clown of God Literature Study

Cranberry Thanksgiving (Literature Study and Activities)

Fall is in full swing. The leaves are starting to change colour, the days are getting shorter, and Thanksgiving has arrived. (Canadian Thanksgiving, for those who are wondering.) In honour of my second favourite holiday (the first being Christmas, of course), we decided to study Cranberry Thanksgiving this week. I found a YouTube clip of the book, … Continue reading Cranberry Thanksgiving (Literature Study and Activities)