She doesn't want to do her creative writing assignment. "It's too hard!" she says. "I don't want to go for a walk and write down what I see and hear and feel." "Come walking with me?" I offer. "We can do it together." We find ourselves crunching along a trail on a sunny Thursday morning. … Continue reading Words



One of my favourite places to go birdwatching is a park nestled among steel mills and scrapyards. Nearby, the highway roars past, often carrying bumper-to-bumper traffic. This is the grittiest part of the city, with air that hangs heavy with the stench of pollution. In previous years, the creek running through this park made the … Continue reading Sanctuary

Goldenrod Days: New Seasons and Letting Go

The first day of autumn. The milkweed is beginning to puff with seeds. It won’t be long now before they brazenly burst, and the breeze will carry wisps of white bearing kernels of life. Everywhere, the asters are blooming boldly—purple New England and white heath. There’s chicory, too, first brought by the early settlers as … Continue reading Goldenrod Days: New Seasons and Letting Go

Dear homeschool mom who is just starting out…

To the mom who is just starting out… And to myself. You’re excited about homeschooling. And completely terrified. Breathe. God has entrusted your children to you. Not to anyone else. To you. He knew they needed you. You need them too. You are uniquely equipped to be their mom—to love them, to walk alongside them, … Continue reading Dear homeschool mom who is just starting out…