Losing My Voice (and finding it again)

Across the street, the magnolia tree is trying to find its voice. For weeks now, it has been poised to blossom, to shout it's beauty in full-throated pink splendour. But right now, the pale buds are a weak whisper of what will come. A touch of laryngitis, perhaps. I can feel the weight of it … Continue reading Losing My Voice (and finding it again)


My Beautiful Mess

There are fingerprints on the television. And on the walls. And on the windows. Tiny little fingerprints made by tiny little hands. And there are crayons buried in the couch and storybooks tucked behind the cushions. I’m going to miss this someday—the messes, the spills, the child-marks left everywhere. Yesterday, I held the littlest one … Continue reading My Beautiful Mess

Mounties, Maple Coffee and Consistency

I love all things fall, don’t you? Yesterday was officially the first day of autumn, but clearly it didn't get the memo because it actually arrived rather suddenly today. It was a gazillion degrees yesterday, so I was woefully unprepared for today’s sweater and boots weather. My poor little daughters and I were at our … Continue reading Mounties, Maple Coffee and Consistency