Swimming Lessons

Do the thing that you’re afraid to do. For a few years now, I’ve been telling myself this on repeat.

One of the things that makes me nervous? Learning how to swim. It seems silly. And being a family that’s always outside, people are often surprised by this. I get it. I always tell my children that their swimming lessons are crucial. “Don’t be like me,” I tell them. “Knowing how to swim can save your life.”

It’s one thing to tell someone else to do intimidating things. It’s another thing entirely to do them yourself. But I can’t expect my children to face their fears if I’m not willing to face my own. And I can’t in good conscience tell them that “it’s never too late to learn new things” if I’m not modelling that for them.

Today, I registered for adult swimming lessons. I’m nervous. I feel a little silly. But I’m going to do it. And my girls are cheering me on, which is the sweetest thing ever.

What holds you back in life? Start small. And do the thing that you’re afraid to do.

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