A Promise for a New Year

The grey sky outside my window is etched with leafless branches. The ground below is muddied brown with rain. The unusual warmth today holds no hint of the wintry cold that’s moving in tomorrow … or the return to regular scheduling. It’s our last day of Christmas break. Routine is beckoning.

The past few weeks have held their fair share of stress and pain, even amidst the glitter of the season. And normalcy too. Yet, between meetings, workshops, homeschool planning, doctor and counselling appointments, government announcements, and family and social commitments, there is an underlying sense of peace.


God with us.

No matter what we face, there’s this assurance: He sees not just our laughter and joy, but also our tears and worry. He holds the answers to the questions yet unasked. He walks beside us when the path is unfamiliar and holds our hand when we don’t know where to go.

And so we step into this new year with confidence. Maybe not always perfect confidence because we all have broken pieces inside. But confidence in a perfect Saviour who forgives and heals and makes whole.

He is Immanuel.

God with us.

Not only at Christmas, but always.


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