A Week of Silence

The kids were at camp last week. I initially made the investment for their benefit, but quickly realized that it was an investment in myself as well. Sometimes, moms need a break.

To refresh.

To recharge.

To sit in silence and simply breathe.

My children are my job, my ministry, my calling. I love them fiercely, I’m also with them constantly. As we enter into our seventh year of homeschooling, I’m realizing more than ever that I need to be able to be fully present when I’m with my kids. Fully invested in their education.

When the girls were little and at least one was still napping, we had daily quiet hour. For one hour each afternoon, I would sit with a coffee and a book, and the children had to either sleep or play quietly. As they got older, we stopped doing that. This week of silence has reminded me of just how much I need that time to regroup.

Perhaps it’s time to reinstate quiet hour.

When was the last time you were able to take a break?


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