Kicking off Summer with Wild | Life Outdoor Adventure Camp in a Box

For a long time, I’ve been searching for the perfect subscription box for our family. I wanted something that would include outdoor activities, nature exploration, crafts, and fun incentives. My girls are active and love being outside. We enjoy hiking, biking, paddling, and backcountry camping. We’re also homeschoolers, so whatever subscription I chose needed to be educational as well.

Enter Wild | Life Outdoor Adventure Kits.

Before I jump into what they are and why we love them, a little disclaimer. This blog post is going to sound like an ad. Trust me, it’s not. I’m not being compensated for this post. I wasn’t asked to write about these kits. I wasn’t sent them for free or given any incentives. I simply love them.

Okay, so what exactly are Wild | Life Outdoor Adventure Kits?

The subscription includes 12 kits delivered monthly (or bi-monthly or quarterly if you prefer). Each kit contains 3-4 pieces of gear, activity cards that fit into your binder, a craft, and a pin to add to your display pennant (binder and pennant are included in the first kit).

The Camp Kit is a bigger box containing the first three months of kits (Bear Essentials, Into the Night, Lead the Way) in one package at a lower price. Gear includes things like: a backpack, binder, pennant, head lamp, star wheel, glow sticks, compass, survey markers, and more. Activities range from making a lantern out of a water bottle to setting up a treasure hunt.

Why do we love it?

I wasn’t sure if this would end up being one of those things I’d regret buying. However, the activities in our camp kit have been a lot of fun to complete. We’ve played games, done crafts, and gone on adventures. We’ve learned interesting bits of trivia and studied nature more closely. The gear has also provided an unexpected incentive: Anytime one of my daughters is hesitant to go hiking or on an adventure or road trip, I let her choose something from the camp kit to take along to use on the way. This immediately generates a sense of excitement and anticipation.

We still have a few more activities to complete, and I’m saving those for an upcoming camping trip.

Which kit are we most looking forward to?

After looking through the content list of the first six kits and the Instagram stories on the ones after that, I’m most looking forward to kit 4, in which we’ll learn all about building shelters. In fact, I already ordered extra Stick-Lets because I know my girls will have fun with them (I’ll do a post on those neat little thingamajiggies another day).

My girls are most excited about kit 6, which includes binoculars and a wooden slingshot, and kit 7, which includes a beautiful foraging bag. And we’re all over-the-moon excited about the portable camp stove in kit 8. The activities for every single one of these boxes are sure to be a blast.

Wild | Life is a Canadian company!

I love this for several reasons. First of all, there are no additional shipping charges. And the price is in Canadian dollars, so I don’t have to try to figure out the exchange rate. Another cool thing is that the activities are aligned to Canadian curriculum objectives. In fact, on the online parent resource page, information is provided that tells you exactly which curriculum objectives are met.

I love supporting Canadian companies.

You can find out more information at


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