Limehouse Conservation Area (Southern Ontario Hikes)

Lime kiln ruins

Happy Canada Day! Today, we had the opportunity to visit an incredible conservation area located in the tiny hamlet of Limehouse in Halton Hills. This trail was on my summer bucket list, and it didn’t disappoint. Sunshine, wildflowers, streams, crevasses and ruins made this one of my favourite hikes to date.

Climbing down to “Hole in the Wall”

In a crevasse

Out the other side

Lime kiln ruins

The old powder house

We packed our local homeschool group’s summer nature hunt checklist in our waterproof map pouch and grabbed our new compass from The Wild Life before hitting the trail today. My youngest also grabbed the thermometer from last year’s Water Ranger’s kit so she could tell us the air and water temperature along the way. We practiced our observation and navigational skills, and we learned a little more about God’s beautiful creation and the history of the region.


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