A Homeschooling Update

We found our rhythm after Christmas break.


Our few months of relaxed homeschooling was needed and restful, but in January, we were ready to dive into the deep end again. The thing I love most about homeschooling is that it’s flexible enough that we can shape it to fit our needs.

And sometimes, needs change.

Our days seem to follow a set pattern now. It’s a familiar and regular pattern in a world that seems to constantly be in a state of chaos and flux.

Most days, we do devotions and read and discuss a chapter of a biography (currently David Livingstone), a chapter of Canadian history, a read-aloud (currently Island of the Blue Dolphins), and a French story. Once a week or so, we practice our poetry memorization, do a science lesson, and do our supplemental geography readings. The older girls complete a daily map drill, grammar or writing lessons, spelling, cursive copywork, and math. The youngest does a daily phonics lesson, math lesson, read-aloud practice, and print copywork. There are afternoons designated for hiking, grandparents, friends, and music lessons (although much of this is on hold now that we are back in full-fledged lockdown). Truly, our days are rich and full and wonderful.

Nature study has always been an important part of our lives, and even more so now that I recently finished the Ontario Master Naturalist Program. I’ve always loved being in school, and these days, programs are online that otherwise wouldn’t have been. I took full advantage of the opportunity to pursue a passion.

Plus, my kids got to see Mom learning too.

In other news, all five of us were in quarantine last week. Turns out we had colds, not the ‘vid. The swab that they stuck up my nose and practically into my brain proved it. Not to make light of things, but can I just say what a luxury it was to have groceries delivered right to the front door during quarantine? Good gravy, why have I never used this service before? Although now that all the non-grocery aisles in stores are roped off, pretty much the only in-store shopping we’re allowed is for groceries, so I’m more than happy to go to the store for milk. (I’m not even kidding – I get dressed up to do it. Anyone else?)

The schools in the province have all switched to online learning, likely for the rest of the year, which makes me quite glad that we are homeschooling. And with all the uncertainty, I’m also quite confident in our decision to homeschool again next year. I’ve spent the last few weeks planning and preparing for September, even though it’s more than five months away. I’m not sure why I always start so early. Maybe because this is normally the time of year for homeschool conferences and curriculum fairs, and so I can’t help but want all the shiny new things. Or new-to-me, at least. Whatever the case, we are ready for another year of learning at home.

It’s crazy to think that we’re just a few months away from finishing up our sixth year of homeschooling.

That one year homeschool experiment we tried all those years ago? I guess it was a success!


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