Ancient World History: Living Books and Resources

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From wrapping each other up in toilet paper when learning about mummies to building the Great Wall of China out of blocks, we’ve always had so much fun studying ancient times. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that we do a four-year history rotation (ancient, medieval, renaissance and modern). We’ve done two cycles of ancient history now. As with medieval history, when we first studied ancient history several years ago, I chose resources that were geared towards younger children. As my children got a bit older, I expanded our resource list.

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Using Mystery of History as our core text, here are some of our most loved supplemental resources:

Fiction/Historical Fiction

Reference and Activity Books

Other Resources

Looking for more resources and hands on activities? Check out my Ancient History board on Pinterest.


One thought on “Ancient World History: Living Books and Resources

  1. Heather says:

    Oh, MaryAnn Thank You for this list! We are in ancient times right now, and enjoying it so much. We are using SCM as our spine, but at a faster pace! We did Ancient China, Middle East and South America last year with no spine and I just made it up as we went! Would love to know which of these was the favorite?


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