Our 2019-2020 Homeschool Curriculum Choices for Kindergarten

Kindergarten Curriculum

“Are these my books for homeschool?” My five-year old eagerly eyes the stack of books beside me on the table. I’m inputting lesson schedules into a newly-discovered online planning program and she’s right at my elbow. We’re almost buried in the stacks of books around us.

“Some of these are yours.” I pull her few books out of the pile and my daughter flips through them excitedly. It’s hard to believe that my baby is going to be starting kindergarten soon.

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We were pretty relaxed when it came to junior kindergarten. I’ve read enough studies to know that delayed learning is beneficial. I worked with her at her pace and according to her interests. This year, however, we’ll be easing into a more formal learning schedule.

So what will we be using? Here’s an overview:

2019-2020 Homeschool Curriculum Choices for Kindergarten

Lots of Literature

I’ll be reading to my daughter from our collection of Five in a Row storybooks, although we won’t be using the full program since I sold my teacher’s guides (sniff). Their reading list is top notch (and if you’re ever looking for a beautiful program for your children, I can’t recommend FIAR enough!). I’m looking forward to sharing these stories with yet another child.

Handwriting Without Tears

Our large Handwriting Without Tears kit was one of my first purchases when we started homeschooling back in 2015. It was a great investment. To teach printing, I’ll be using the Kickstart Kindergarten book with my daughter this year, along with some of the goodies in our kit.

Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum.png

Logic of English

My kindergartener will be trying out Foundations A  of Logic of English. I had purchased the Foundations A and B kits for another child and never used them, so they have been gathering dust in the closet for several years. I’m hoping it’s a good fit for my kindergartener.

Explode the Code

My older girls used the Explode the Code series with great success, so I’ll be introducing the program a bit later in the year. The first three books (Get Ready for the Code, Get Set for the Code and Go for the Code) are designed to teach basic phonics, and they do it wonderfully well.

Singapore Math

Since my daughter is too young to start Teaching Textbooks just yet, we’re using Singapore math. She started the kindergarten book in June because she was so excited about it, but we took a bit of a break over the summer.

2019-2020 Homeschool Curriculum Choices for Kindergarten

What About Morning Time?

Our resources for Morning Collective were listed in my 2019-2020 Homeschool Curriculum Choices for Grades 3 and 4. This includes devotions, scripture memory, poetry, hymn study and picture study.

We tend to adjust and tweak things as we go. Homeschooling is an ever-changing process; however, we’re off to a good start.

What do you have planned for the year?





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