Rest for the Overwhelmed Mom


A Place of Rest for the Overwhelmed Mom

In the noise and in the hustle, there’s a voice that whispers, “Come, My child, and rest.”

In the twirling, whirling chaos of life, there’s a place of quiet that beckons.


Even in the midst of it all.

“Come away with Me.” Words so sweet, so full of promise. Words so soft, they often get lost in the noise.

But He is here.

Among endless loads of laundry, dirty dishes piled high in the sink, sibling fights and squabbles,

and always


so much left undone.

In the darkness, you lay awake. Thinking. Always thinking. Of all those things still left to do. Of all those words still left unsaid.

And of all the words that should have been left unsaid. Because sometimes, the frustration overflows and pours out and suddenly you’re left drowning in emotions. In words. In regret.

And you wonder, “Where is the love?”

Yet, in your failure, He is here. He is calling. Beckoning.

“My child, come. Come to Me and be still.”

Even in your weakness, one step towards the Saviour and love overwhelms. And your sins are drowning. Drowning in grace.

And you? You are walking on the waves above it all, carried by unseen hands.

Carried by love.

He is here.

But, maybe? Your burdens are bigger than just the everyday overwhelm. Perhaps your situation seems impossible. Hopeless, even.

Even then, He is here.

In Exodus, the Israelites were stuck between a rock and a hard place. Between an advancing Egyptian army and the Red Sea. Between the overwhelm of the enemy and the overwhelm of the water.

It seemed as if they would drown in their impossible, hopeless situation.

But God was there. Moses reminded the people, “The Lord will fight on your behalf. You need only be still.”

God’s voice beckoned His people to a place of rest. And miracle upon miracles, the seas parted. And it was the enemy who drowned in the overwhelm while the Israelites found themselves walking between the waves, sheltered by unseen hands.

So in your place of overwhelm, be still and hear the voice that beckons.

Be still and know that He is God.

Be still and rest because God is love.

 “Come away with Me.” His voice carries you through the waves.

His voice beckons you to rest.

He is here.

Rest for the Overwhelmed Mom



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