The Week in Review

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It’s our last weekend of Christmas break! Have you enjoyed your holidays? We sure have! It has been a lovely few weeks of relaxation that has left all of us feeling so refreshed. I love Christmas break.


I also love the fresh, unspoiled canvas of a new year.

Do you have any exciting plans as we head into this new year? I’d love to hear in the comment section below.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


This Week on TGFL



History Adventures: A Victorian Christmas – The Christmas decorations are down but the lessons we’ve learned are etched in fond memory. This year, we learned about the Victorian era by having our very own Victorian Christmas. You can read all about it in this post.

I Threw Away My Dreams – I threw away my dreams … and it felt good. Find out why I threw away ten years’ worth of dreams and started over.

Tea With Ehud: God Made You Weird on Purpose – Do you ever get frustrated with the fact that you just can’t seem to fit the mold? Delve into the life of Ehud in this new series on the book of Judges and find out why being different isn’t a bad thing.

This Week in the Outdoors



This Week in Books

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The truth? I’ve not kept very good records of what we’ve been reading over the Christmas break. I’ve been too busy relaxing. I can’t speak for the rest of my family, but here’s what I’ve been reading:

Adult Books

  • Families where Grace is in Place by Jeff VanVonderen – I finally finished this book and it was amazing! Over the past couple of years, I’ve been learning a lot about the difference between controlling people’s behaviour and serving my spouse and shepherding my children from a place of grace. I highly recommend this book.
  • Home Education by Charlotte Mason – I’m continuing to read this volume on home education for a book club that I attend.

Homeschool Highlights


These past two weeks of rest have refreshed me more than words can say. But I’m also more than ready to get back into teaching on Monday. Our upcoming combined history/geography/social studies unit study (Eastern Europe in WWI) is going to be amazing!

Snippets from Around the Web

Looking for some extra inspiration? Here are some beautiful articles from around the web:

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