To the Mom Who Feels Forgotten…

to the mom who feels forgotten

To the mom who feels forgotten,

You go on social media, longing for connection. And you see pictures. Pictures that were you once upon a time.

Sometimes, you miss it.

It was a lifetime ago that you had it. The camaraderie of coworkers. The dinners and events. Phone calls and meetings and the whirlwind of being in the middle of everything and knowing you were needed there.

Now, it’s your babies who need you. You love them with every aching beat of your heart. And as you clean up spills and make meals and kiss scraped knees, you know you’re where you need to be.

Where you want to be.

But it’s hard to feel alone.


But God does not forget.

His eyes, they see you.

He whispers words of love. The God who spoke heaven and earth into being speaks to you.

He has inscribed you on the palm of His hand. The hands that formed the universe, they cradle you.

You’ve captured His heart.

God has called you to this hard task of bringing up your precious little ones. He is with you every step of the way.

Steadying you when you stumble.

Breathing grace when you fall.

Always, always, holding you.

Always remembering you.

To the mom who feels forgotten, please know…

You are seen. You are known.

You are loved.



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