Faith Like a Child

faith like a child

“I need to write down the words because they’re big and I want to get them right,” my daughter said. In her awkward, left-hand print, she painstakingly pencilled the words on white paper—a prayer request for her daddy.

Contract extended.

I’d been wrestling with worry over this. A nagging worry that’s all too familiar. A few years ago, we had a wild ride.

Yet, God showed up.

I know by now that God always provides, but still, when the sea gets a bit choppy, it’s easy to focus on the waves.

Why is that?

I remind myself, I’m safe in His hands. This is my confidence: He’s never failed me yet.


He’s not about to start now, either. His love is too powerful for that.

And when He doesn’t answer just the way we’d like Him to? He’s faithful then too.

No matter the outcome.

It was noon when my daughter wrote out her prayer request. Her calm faith inspires me. And the very next morning, before we even sat down to start school, the phone rang with news that had us jumping for joy.

Contract extended. A full year.

“I prayed and God answered!” she exclaimed.

Yes, He certainly did. He always does. Somehow, some way.

He’s never failed us yet.

And He never will.





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