Chalkboard Truths



“God’s way is perfect.”

I scratched the words in white chalk and hung them on the door. Four simple words to etch on our hearts this month. Our homeschool memory verse, but so much more.

It’s a reminder of a principle that’s easy to forget in the day-to-day and even easier to forget in the unexpected.

God’s way is perfect.


My husband and I have felt the deep truth of this so many times—through job loss, health issues, unexpected pregnancy in the middle of it all and the incredible joy that all of those things have brought us. We’ve seen the hand of the Lord at work in our lives, bringing light into the grayness and making beauty out of the chaos.

Yet, I still need those dusty white words hanging on the door. I need the soul-peace that they bring.

Maybe I’m not the only one?

Whether it’s the everyday, the unexpected or the unknown that you’re facing, these words are for you too: God’s way is perfect.

His way is perfectly planned, perfect in love and perfect for you.






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