The First Hike of the Season


The sky was completely cloudless and radiantly blue. And, although the air was chilly, the sun was warm on our faces as my friend and I set off down the rocky path that wound along the edge of the escarpment.

It was the first hike of the season. 

Vultures wheeled around us, so close at times that it seemed that we could touch them. Woodpeckers were hard at work tapping the trees. Chipmunks scurried through the underbrush.

And there was peace.


We explored deep crevices in the rocks and found the ruins of an old farmhouse beside the trail. We climbed hills and slid through mud. And we paused every now and then and simply stood, wordless. This beauty, it touches the soul. 

I’ve been wrestling lately with significance. We only have one shot at this life, and I want so badly to do something and be someone that truly matters. Lately, I’ve been worrying so much about what I haven’t been doing, that I’ve forgotten something important.

But today, in the woods, I remembered.

It’s not who I am that matters. It’s who Jesus is – and who He is to me.


The significance of creation is that its beauty reflects the glory of the Creator. I, too, am beautiful when I allow myself to reflect Him. 

Life is not about doing “big things”. It’s about reflecting Jesus well.  

It’s really quite simple.


Today in the woods, beneath a vibrant blue sky, I remembered this. And there was peace.



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