In the Company of Giants


I’ve only met these ladies a couple of times before. Normally, spending time with near-strangers is uncomfortable. But tonight, I’m glad I came.

We sit in the living room, four very different women. One grew up in Poland, another in China. The third was born in Hong Kong. And then there’s me, the daughter of Dutch immigrants. Our religious upbringing is different—Protestant, Catholic, Buddhist. Our life stories are different.

And yet, inside, we are the same.

We homeschool, yes. But it’s more than that. We love our husbands. We love our children.

Mostly, we love Jesus.

Grace is a common thread that knits us together. We swap stories of meeting Him—life-changing encounters. I’m struck by how an extraordinary God has, at this moment in time, brought together four women from across the globe who beat with the same heart.

His heart.

There is something so special about getting together with like-minded people and we talk late into the night. It’s the kind of talk that feeds the soul. These women—who quietly teach their children and take care of their homes—these humble women are giants in the faith.

I drive home in the moonlight, taller and stronger because of them.


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