Miss Rumphius Literature Study

I say this every time we crack open a new children’s book.

Every single time.

“This is my favourite children’s book.” 

You see, I may or may not have a problem. The kind of problem where I prefer to read children’s books more than adult books because most adult books are so. badly. written. 

Miss Rumphius is not badly written. Not even close. It’s extremely well written, in fact. It is a sweet story about a woman who grows up wanting to do many things. But the most important thing, her grandfather tells her, is to make the world a more beautiful place.

But how?

As we read this story, my daughters and I asked ourselves the same question. How can we make the world a more beautiful place?

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One of the best ways we can make the world a more beautiful place is to share Jesus’ beautiful love. We spent some time thinking and praying about how to do this, and both girls came up with some ideas. One drew pictures for the neighbours while the other made fabric flowers for her friends.

I love these precious girls.

At the beginning of the week, I purchased a table cloth from the dollar store and a potted plant from the grocery store. It was my way of making their world a more beautiful place during this unit. 

One of our favourite story-related crafts was pom pom painting. I glued pom poms onto markers (easily removable when you use a glue gun) and the girls used watercolor paints to make pretty lupine flowers like the ones Miss Rumphius planted.

We didn’t go too in depth in our literature study this week. Normally, we’d learn about Maine and lupines and things like that. However, this week was busy and we’re still recovering from Christmas break. So we kept it simple and focused mostly on how we could bring beauty into the lives of others.

We did take one special field trip…

When Miss Rumphius lives in the city, she visits a conservatory during the winter months. The conservatory is filled with tropical plants and the scent of jasmine. We have a tropical greenhouse in our city that we, too, love to visit in the wintertime. We ended the week with a quick visit to the Gage Park tropical greenhouse. It’s always so beautiful.

I’m so thankful for people who make the world more beautiful, aren’t you?

Miss Rumphius is listed as one of our Top 20 Picture Books. You can view the full list here.


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