Christmas Kindness Countdown – Celebrating the Greatest Gift of Love with Acts of Love


I was feeling a bit humbuggish today. Maybe it’s because I packed the calendar too full this month. Maybe it’s because my husband is almost done school forever and I’m getting antsy. Maybe it’s because I’ve been burning the candle at both ends lately and it’s almost burnt out. It could be anything really.

Whatever the case, even though the kids had been asking about it, I almost didn’t start our Christmas Kindness Countdown today.

In fact, only a few hours ago, I was adamant that we were going to skip it entirely.

Although it’s perfectly okay (and sometimes quite healthy) to let traditions go (even if they’re only a year old), for a moment, I lost sight of what this season is really about.

It’s not about trees and ornaments and garlands, although those are nice.

It’s not even about Christmas plays and presents and get-togethers, although those are nice too.

It’s about the greatest gift of love that this world has ever received.

And it’s about sharing that love with a world that doesn’t know.

A Christmas Kindness Countdown isn’t supposed to be a good deeds checklist. It’s our family’s way of reminding ourselves that the most special gift we can give to Jesus is the love that we show to those around us.

In all the sparkles and lights, it’s easy to lose sight of that.


The whole reason we shop the sales and deck the halls is because of the birth of a Savior. He came to bring peace on earth and goodwill towards men and the best way we can celebrate is by doing the same.

So this evening, I loaded up our Advent cones with little slips of paper. On each slip is a simple, small, easy way to show love. We give to Jesus by giving to others and we’re going to give our best.

What about you? What are your Christmas traditions? What kinds of things do you do to keep Jesus in the centre of it all? I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to add your comments below.





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