It Starts with Prayer

We sit around the supper table, all five of us, in the glow of the early evening sun. “Which one of you wants to pray that other Christians will begin to pray for Muslims?” I ask.


“Okay,” I continue, undaunted. “Which one of you wants to pray that Muslims will find Jesus?”

“I don’t want to pray,” my oldest daughter replies.

Up now, the girls have been excited to participate in 30 Days of Prayer. We were all excited. But, suddenly, they are hesitant.

“Do you know why it’s important to pray for Muslims?” I ask gently.

My daughter shakes her head.

“It’s because they don’t know Jesus. We want to pray that they know God and that they experience Jesus’ love. Do you know why it’s so important for people to know Jesus?”

Normally, when we pray for people, we focus on the importance of knowing Jesus right now in this life. Sure, we talk about heaven, but all of a sudden I feel that it is of the utmost importance to explain that there is a place other than heaven.

That it’s a place where God isn’t.

That people who don’t know Jesus will be apart from God when they die. Not just Muslims. Anyone.

That it breaks God’s heart because He loves us so. He wants us to be with Him. For always. That’s why He sent Jesus.

Not just for right now. For our eternity.

It’s a big concept for such little girls and I wonder if I’ve said too much. Or maybe not enough? I never know. My oldest looks at me wide-eyed. “I want to pray,” she says firmly.

We bow our heads and, with soft childish voices and unshakable childlike faith, our girls take turns asking Jesus to touch the Muslim world.

Currently, a quarter of the world’s population is Muslim, with an estimated 84,000 Muslims being added each day (source). At the same time, according to the 30 Days of Prayer guide, we are experiencing “the greatest movement of Muslims becoming Christians in the whole of history” (source). Every single day, more and more people are turning to Christ.

So what can we do to help shine Jesus in the House of Islam?

In an interview with Christianity Today, missiologist and author Dave Garrison says, “This is not a time to hate, kill, and fear Muslims. This is a time to love, win, and reach Muslims.”

For our family, it starts with prayer. We found out about 30 Days of Prayer just recently through a newsletter we received from missionaries in South Africa. As millions of Muslims celebrate Ramadan this year, we are excited to join Christians around the globe in lifting them up to the Father who loves us all so deeply. 

If you want to join the 30 Days of Prayer movement, it’s not too late. You can find out more at

The adult prayer guide is available online here:

The children’s prayer guide is available in pdf format here:


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