Why Write?

I came across a podcast by John Piper today that turned my world upside-down. It’s entitled, “Has God Called Me to Write?”

I’ve wrestled long and hard with figuring out God’s calling on my life. Although writing gives me joy, I’ve always thought that “real writing” (whatever that means) was an extension of a higher calling—or rather a more visible calling. I truly believed that, because I’m not a pastor or a teacher or anyone of note, my writing wasn’t important enough to be my calling.

Somehow, my writing aspirations have also never seemed big enough to be a calling. We’re taught to dream big and to aspire to great things. But I don’t desire fame or fortune or a platform. I don’t need a New York Times bestseller. I’m happiest when I’m simply sitting at the kitchen table stringing words together on a page.

When I write for others, it’s usually because the Holy Spirit puts something in my heart to share or because there is a piece of my story that might encourage someone else. So I write a few paragraphs. I upload them onto my blog. And I pray that someone somewhere is touched.

There is nothing grandiose about it.

But, as I listened to this podcast, the Lord began to speak to me. Writers are important. Throughout history, God chose to use writers to preserve His truth. He chose writers to communicate His Word to future generations. He used different forms of writing—poetry, prose, parables, letters, narratives and song. He used different kinds of writers—historians, prophets, preachers, fishermen and shepherds. He gave writers different functions—to document events and to exhort, teach and encourage His people.

There is a place in the church for writers.

Even humble bloggers.

My husband left a note for me the other day in which he shared this verse: “Every scribe instructed in the kingdom of heaven is like a householder who brings out of his treasure things new and old” (Matthew 13:52). Then he wrote, “Aren’t you a scribe, instructed in the kingdom of heaven, who draws from the Word both new ideas and old concepts?”

There is value in stringing words together at a kitchen table. 

To think that doing what comes naturally to me is okay? The idea holds an indescribable peace. I don’t need to preach or teach or sing or be someone that I’m not. I am in the centre of God’s will when I am doing what He has created me to do.

Are you called to write? What does that mean? If the desire to write burns in your heart, I’d encourage you to listen to this podcast.

God has a place for you.

Here’s the link: http://www.desiringgod.org/interviews/has-god-called-me-to-write


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