31 Days of Prayer: A Simple Plan for Children

We added another layer to the girls’ Kindness Countdown yesterday. Something simple that the kids can do each and every day, all the way until the New Year.

The idea started here. We took it and added our own little twist.

I’ve often struggled with how to teach my children to effectively pray for others. It’s easy, of course, when someone has a need or when someone is on the girls’ hearts. But we needed to be more intentional about it. We needed a plan. And so now, without further ado….the plan.

Ta da!

“Um, what’s that?” you ask.

This is 31 days of prayer. (Okay, 29, actually, because we are starting two days into the month.)

Previously (as in Monday), I had made a paper tag calendar for our bulletin board. It was time-consuming and looked cool … but it served absolutely no purpose. I was wracking my brain for ideas when I accidentally stumbled across Clubhouse Magazine’s prayer chain idea. Isn’t it awesome the way God works?

Why not write the name of someone we know on the back of each calendar tag? Uh, hello! Then, on that day, we can keep that person in prayer. What a great way to teach the girls how to be more intentional about praying for others!

Having a plan is SO much better than trying to teach kids haphazardly, isn’t it? In fact, I like this idea so much that I think we might just do it year-round.




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