That Girl

Something happened this week for perhaps the first time ever. Something strange. Completely unexpected.

I saw a girl. I’ve seen her before. Talked to her. Know a bit about her. She has gray eyes and dirty blonde hair. She gets a bit shy sometimes at parties and get-togethers and even, occasionally, church. But she puts on a smile and goes anyway because she really does genuinely like people. Well, most of them. Still, she would rather stay home and do crafts or crosswords or read a book. She sings at the top of her lungs into the remote control when she’s alone. She puts on silly puppet shows for her kids. She almost always forgets to make the bed. She often forgets her keys in the front door lock. She’s quirky.

I’ve never liked this girl much, to be honest. I thought she was awkward. Downright weird, actually. She says the wrong things too often and the right things not enough. I’ve always found it disconcerting.

But this time, when I looked at her, the usual malice was gone. Something had changed. I liked this girl. I liked the way God made her. She’s unique, for sure, but in a good way. A special way. I was suddenly able to see it. She’s beautiful. She’s funny. She’s gifted. She loves her family and her friends. And she loves Jesus.

I think He’s the One who is making the difference, come to think of it. In her and in the way I view her. He has been pouring love on her and He has been giving me His eyes and His heart so I can see that love. Unconditional, overflowing, extravagant love. He has been reminding me that He carefully created that girl. He eagerly and thoughtfully placed talents and gifts—and even her personality—inside of her, all because her life has purpose.

Sure, she’s messy and imperfect. But when I’m tempted to criticize her or berate her, Jesus gently reminds me of the depth of His love for her. As a result, I’m starting to love her too. Because, that girl in the mirror? She holds a special place in God’s heart.


One thought on “That Girl

  1. rachaeljdebruin says:

    Love this post…so beautiful. I think we all have those times where we berate ‘that girl’ for choices/thoughts/quirks…but what a wonderful reminder of God’s view on us 🙂 Spoke to my heart this morn; thanks for sharing!


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