With a Song

“I will wake the dawn with my song.” The words were beautiful on the open page in front of me. It was not even 4 a.m. but the birds were chirping loudly as if, somehow, they had read those precious words too.

Insomnia is a side effect of the kidney disease treatment … and early mornings are all too common. But the hours before the family wakes up are also gloriously uncommon.

Uninterrupted time with Jesus. Could there be anything better?

I feel like this season is such a blessing. It’s unexpected. In the past, I’ve never been able to see too much of the positive in any of this. This time around, however, my attitude is different.

I get up early. Spend some time reading the Bible. Put on my workout clothes and go for a brisk walk. I listen to bird songs and revel in the profusion of blossoms that are starting to appear. It’s spring. A time of hope. And, yes, a time to sing.

Even the rainy mornings are beautiful this time of year.

It’s a lesson to carry with me through all of life. I will wake up thankful. I will see the good in things. There is overwhelming good because God is good! So I will echo the words of David in Psalm 108.

I will wake the dawn with my song.

For when you start your morning with gratitude, it sets the course of the entire day.


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